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What began with one regional lifestyle publication in 1996 has become a multichannel-and-platform communications entity providing exceptional content for readers and opportunities for advertisers in Southwest Florida, both throughout the region and on a focused basis. The high-quality, award-winning tradition of Times of the Islands in capturing the spirit and essence of island and coastal living is now also provided by three other publications: Gulf & Main, RSW Living, and Bonita & Estero magazines. All four offer both distinctive and shared content. These publishing developments, along with a dynamic Web site and social media applications, are better reflected in the new company name, TOTI Media, Inc.

Each bimonthly issue of all four publications explores the intriguing personalities, fine dining, top-notch shopping, and cultural attractions that can be found among the region’s coastal communities and barrier islands. Whether they’re first-time visitors looking for restaurant recommendations or longtime residents wanting to learn more about their fellow Southwest Floridians, readers thoroughly enjoy the colorful and informative ways stories are presented. We also include articles with a broader focus on topics such as the outdoors, recreation, the environment, travel, health, and cuisine. The end result: ample coverage of the area’s inland and coastal populations, as well as myriad new ways to be entertained and informed on all things Southwest Florida.

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